250ml • 1L • 5L

Bliss Bud

Bliss Bud is a crop boosting complex blend of natural plant protectors, amino acids, carbohydrates and aquatic and natural plant extracts releasing organic sources of trace minerals. Bliss Bud provides a balanced reaction across all aspects of flowering for a fast full potential flowering response. It can be used by growers using hydro, coco or soil.

Key benefits

Increases full fruit embodiment.

Improves aroma and product quality.

Further information

Read on to gain a better understanding of the key components that make Bliss Bud an invaluable addition to your feed program.

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Natural plant protector

Bliss Bud contains proprietary 100% natural and fast acting plant protectors that aid plants to create a complex root system able to deal with stresses created by events such as water temperature fluctuations or over/under feeding. Your root system is vital in mid-flowering while your plants are trying to produce as much fruit as possible.

Amino acids

Bliss Bud contains a potent blend of over ten free L-amino acids. These amino acids are recognised growth stimulators and increase chlorophyll concentration in the plant resulting in higher rates of photosynthesis and, consequently, higher yields.

The combination of Bliss Bud’s crop protectors and amino acids provide a superior chelating effect on micronutrients. The results of this effect is an increase in the absorption of and transportation of micronutrients throughout your plants. This chelating effect also has benefits for your plants’ roots. It increases the permeability of cell membranes within the root system, which means that your plants will take in nutrients faster and more efficiently.

Carbohydrates and aquatic extracts

Carbohydrates provide a source of energy which in combination with highly refined natural aquatic plant extracts stimulates the growth of beneficial bacteria, fungi and mycorrhizae. How are they beneficial? They provide the energy for plant metabolism making it easier and quicker for your plants to take on board nutrients. The results? A boost of abundant flowering.

Organic trace minerals

There are seven nutrients essential to plant growth and health that are only needed in very small quantities. Bliss Bud provides all of these from natural sources – namely manganese, boron, copper, iron, chlorine, molybdenum and zinc. Though these are present in only small quantities, they are all necessary.

How to use

Shake before use.

Regular feeding dilute at 2-3ml per litre of nutrient solution.

For heavy flower feeding increase dose up to 5ml/L.

Use diluted solution within 5-7 days.

Suitable for use with hand watering and irrigated gardens.

Avoid using Bliss Bud in conjunction with products containing Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2).

Guaranteed analysis

When to use

Safe to use with each watering in all garden systems in flower.

When flower buds are established (eg week 4) add to your food solution Bliss Bud in conjunction with FM Critical Mass to maximise sugar to fruit conversion for sweeter heavier results.
Bliss Bud is available in 250ml, 1L and 5L sizes.

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