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GO 12/12

GO 12/12 flower accelerator provides optimum levels of phosphorus & potassium to rapidly transform vegetative plants to full flower drive and early bud development. It can be used by growers using hydro, coco or soil.

Key benefits

Accelerates flowering.

Shortens the grow cycle.

Further information

GO 12/12 gives your plants a carefully refined, highly soluble and readily absorbed burst of high ratio phosphorus and potassium. Fast flowering plants respond particularly well in the early stages of flowering to high ratio phosphorus (P) to potassium (K) products, GO 12/12 is the perfect blend for these first 3 weeks.

The quicker transition to flowering means plants have more time to pack dense growth onto the flowers and fruit blooms. It also means you can shorten the length of the grow cycle, making savings on both cost and time.

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For the best results

After using GO 12/12 for three weeks, stop using it and start using a PK additive with less phosphorus (P) and slightly more potassium (K) (e.g Critical Mass). Critical Mass contains phosphorus and potassium too – but in a better ratio for the mid & later stages of the flowering process.

How to use

Hydroponics & Coco

Dissolve 0.4g per litre of nutrient solution.


Dissolve 0.2g per litre of nutrient solution.

GO 12/12 NPK: 0 – 49 – 32.

GO 12/12 is available in 40g, 200g & 1200g sizes.

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