250ml • 1L

Green Start

Green Start provides the ideal balance of nutrients required by seedlings and cuttings being grown in hydro, coco or soil.

Key benefits

Rapidly grow early roots.

Grow strong plants ready to be put into your grow system or pots.

Further information

Green Start helps growers achieve great results by providing their young plants with ideal levels of:

1) Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium (NPK) and secondary elements.

2) Trace minerals including chelated forms, making them more easily and quickly absorbed.

3) Fulvic acids that increase nutrient absorption rates as well as boosting your plants’ natural barriers to disease and attack from pests.

For even better results

Green Start can be successfully supplemented with root enhancing products, including root stimulators and beneficial microorganisms such as trichoderma and all mycorrhiza fungi.

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How to use


Add 10ml per litre of nutrient solution. Maintain pH at 5.5 – 6.0.

Pre-soaking Rockwool

Add 5ml per litre of water. Adjust pH to 5.5 – 6.0. Soak cubes overnight.


Add 10ml per litre of nutrient solution. Maintain pH at 5.8 – 6.3.


Add 5ml per litre of nutrient solution. Maintain pH at 6.3 – 6.8.

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When to use

When to use

Use for the first 2-3 weeks of a seedling or cuttings’ growth.

Green Start NPK: 1 – 1 – 2

Green Start is available in 250mL and 1L sizes.

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