250ml • 1L • 5L

Double Bud Supreme

Double Bud Supreme is a flowering booster that is suitable for use in soil and coco coir mediums. After dosing, plants have a huge flowering response and there are reports of a 25% increase in yield! Double Bud Supreme contains a range of ingredients that boost flowering in many different ways. These ingredients include proteins, polypeptides from aquatic plants and seashells, L-form amino acids and chitinase. These all combine with vitamin C and various trace elements to form a very powerful stimulator. This is a British product and suits UK water profiles very well!

Using Double Bud

Always shake the bottle before every use! This ensures all the contents mix together and you get an even dose every time. Apply to the nutrient solution for 3 weeks only (usually from week 4 to 6). We recommend following the manufacturer’s instructions for best results.

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How to use

Add Double Bud to nutrient and water mix, in watering can or reservoir tank at up to 5ml/L

Double Bud is formulated for soil and coco coir potting mixes

When to use

Use for up to 3 weeks (e.g. weeks 4, 5 & 6)

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